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(T0343) How Do I Turn Off Prompt To Assign Line Item To Tech When Posting Job

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In ServiceLedger 2010, ServiceLedger introduced a new feature that allowed you to track technician revenue on a per line item basis on a job.  This feature was useful for customers that wanted to credit multiple line items to different techs on the same job.  On each line item of a job, the Technician drop-down box allowed a user to manually assign credit of the line item to a specific technician.  In most cases, it was left blank as users never took advantage of the feature.

In ServiceLedger 2013, ServiceLedger expanded on the feature by providing an automatic population of the technician field on each line item to support new technician reporting.  The feature ensures that the line item technician field is always populated with a catch at posting that will automatically populate the assigned-to technician to the job line items at time of posting.  By default, at time of posting, if the line item technician field is not populated, you will be prompted with a dialog box asking if you want to assign the line item to the assigned- to technician. 

Some customers have asked to turn off the prompt as it slows down the closing process, especially when doing batching.  You can turn off this prompt with the following option:

  1. Click on Company | Administration and click on the Global Preferences tab.
  2. Click Add to add a preference.
  3. For Option #, enter work_order.posting_assigns_item_resource.prompt
  4. For Value, enter 0.
  5. Click on any other row to save changes.
  6. Click Save & Close to close the Administration Window.

ServiceLedger will still assign line items to the assigned tech; however, it will no longer display the prompt.

You can also turn off the automatic assignment entirely by setting the 'work_order.posting_assigns_item_resource' option to zero.

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