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(T0308) How to I adjust the text that appears when I send / email a work order as text to the technician?

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You can control what text appears when you send a work order to one of your technicians as text. To change this text, adjust the values of the following two company options / global preferences:

  • work_order.print_text_query
  • work_order.print_text_template

The first option controls what values are available to be sent. Unless you are familiar with T-SQL, you generally should not modify this option. By default, the following fields are provided by this query:

  • time_range
  • end_date_time
  • site_name
  • site_contact_name
  • site_address_1
  • site_address_2
  • site_address_3
  • site_city
  • site_state_province_id
  • site_postal
  • site_country
  • site_phone_1
  • site_phone_2
  • type_number
  • status_number
  • priority_number
  • payment_method_number
  • skill_number
  • request

The second option controls the information that is actually sent. This can be a combination of text that is the same every time and values that change depending on which work order scheduled is being sent. Plain text simply appears as written, and fields are inserted in the same manner as is used in text templates (i.e. <%=field_name%> is replaced with the value of field_name). The following information is sent by default:


<%=site_city%>, <%=site_state_province_id%> <%=site_postal%>



In the above text, every instance of <%=...%> is replaced by one of the fields from the above query. The :condense() function takes the lines between the paretheses and removes any that are blank.


Because these options are advanced in nature and require technical knowledge that is not generally available to our support staff, ServiceLedger does not provide assistance with changing these options beyond the information available in this KB article.

If you would like to adjust the text that is sent and are not comfortable adjusting the above options yourself, please contact our sales team for a custom services quote.

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