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(T0299) How do I enable internet faxing?

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As of version 10, internet faxing is available via MyFax. You can create an account for yourself at Other services may work provided they function in a similar way. However, we have only tested MyFax, and the documentation below assumes their service is the one you will be using. If you are not using SMTP under Administration->Defaults->Email Setup, then ensure that the listed email address is added to valid email addresses in MyFaxCentral.


  1. Create the following options, and set it to the values as needed.

    report.internet.fax.email_to = (exactly as you see it here, the fax_number is swapped out when sending)

    report.internet.fax.email_from = <your email address that the fax email appears to come from> i.e.

    report.internet.fax.email_subject = <text that is prepended to the subject of the fax> i.e. Facsimile of (more will be added depending on the report)

    report.internet.fax.email_body = <body of note for fax> i.e. Please find attached facsimile (if using passwords, ensure first line is the password, see below)
  2. Restart ServiceLedger.


When previewing a report, you can now select "Fax by email" with the export button (mail icon). Once you provide a destination fax number, and name the fax file, a window will display the message that will be sent. You can make final modifications to the subject and comments before sending. If you click send, the system will email the report to your fax service.


If you use "Enable Password Protection", ensure that the first line of report.internet.fax.email_body contains the password. You will see this password at the top of your sent email, but if the option is selected on MyFaxCentral, it should be validated and removed. Make sure it is on the first line, and not any other line.

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