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[D](T0297) Batch statement and invoice messaging

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As of ServiceLedger, functionality exist to email statements and invoices to customers instead of printing them.  You can access this functionality from
Batching->Invoicing/Receivables->Batch invoice messaging.

On this window there are two tabbed pages.  The first sends out emails (using the defined text template) for invoices that the "emailed" flag has not been checked.  For each selected invoice in this list, the system will generate an email that contains the subject from the text template, as well as the body.  Also, it will attach a PDF copy of the invoice.  These emails are placed in the messaging queue (Administration->Email Notifications->Messages) where it can be sent later.  Once an email is generated, the Emailed flag for the invoice is set, and it will not appear in the list again unless it is cleared on the invoice.  Only invoices with a non-zero balance appear.  Credit memos can be shown if selected to do so in this window.  Your selections are saved for subsequent runs.  The text template must be an "Invoice" type to be available as a text template.

The second tab sends statements for accounts.  This will send statements to all selected accounts.  Like above, the email is generated from a text template (but must be an "Account' type), and a PDF statement will be attached.  The emails appear in the message queue.  Options exist to send statements to customers with negative balances.  Your selections on this tab are saved for future runs.

All emails that are generated are placed in the messaging queue, they are not sent immediately unless you configured your messaging queue to do so.  See T0298 for information about the message queue.

If you would like to process this automatically and email items in the message queue (you must have configured the windows previously) you can create a batch file, scheduled task in Windows, or a short cut by adding the following to the command line:

...\ServiceLedger.exe -user Admin -password password -autoxml "<slxml><slrequest><message_invoice_process action='process' visible='false' automated='true'/><<message_invoice_process  action='close' visible='false' automated='true'/><message_process action='process' visible='false' automated='true'/><message action='close' visible='false' automated='true'/></slrequest></slxml>"

Adjust path as necessary.  It is strongly suggested that you perform the steps manually however until you have an understaning of the emails that are being sent to your customers.


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