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[D](T0005) How do I register ServiceLedger?

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Instructions detail how to register a database with information provided from ServiceLedger. You only need to perform this step once, unless you are moving to a new server. You should only perform this step with your intended database. Registering the demo database will not work when emptied.

  1. Start the registration program, you can start the registration program two different ways:
    • Go to Start->Run and type:
      C:\program files\ServiceLedger\ServiceLedger\SLRegistration.exe
    • -OR- within ServiceLedger go to File-Registration Key
  2. Note the company name (Spelling and capitalization are important)
  3. Select the drop down arrow for Server MAC. Select the first address that begins with 00 or 01.  If you received an error regarding xp_cmdshell when starting, and this drop down is empty, see:
  4. Note the server mac address
  5. Send an email with your exact company name and MAC address to to have a registration key emailed back to you
  6. Once you receive your key, set Licensed Users and Server Licensed Users to the values provided in your key.  Repeat for  Web Licensed Techs and Exchange Users.
  7. Enter in your registration code into the registration field
  8. Click OK
  9. Now when you start the application, you should briefly see it registered to your company. Should you run into difficulties, use the Start->Run method of launching the registration program to double check your typed values

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