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[D](T0004) How do I restore my ServiceLedger database?

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Starting with ServiceLedger 2007, there are now two methods you can use to restore your ServiceLedger database & files. The first way listed works with 2007 and up and is sligthly easier to use. The second way works with all versions of ServiceLedger. Both will restore in exact same way, and both should be performed from the server computer only in most cases.

Method 1: Works with ServiceLedger 2007 and up

  1. With ServiceLedger running, go to Administration->Administration
  2. Click on the Database Administration tab
  3. Click on the Restore from a Backup button, then click Yes
  4. Choose the backup file to restore from and click Open.  For MSDE 2005, the database you are restoring must be within a ServiceLedger folder. 
  5. ServiceLedger will close, and the updater will appear. Confirm that you wish to restore.
  6. Wait for the updater to close or notify you that it will close. The restore is complete.

Method 2: Works with all versions of ServiceLedger

  • Go to Start->(All)Programs->ServiceLedger->Updater
  • Click "Restore DB"
  • If you consent to erasing your current data, click "Yes"
  • Locate your database backup file and select "open". For MSDE 2005, the database you are restoring must be within a ServiceLedger folder.
  • When the updater says "Updater will now close" restoration is complete

If you need to restore your database due to a failed or undesired update, you may be able to restore your rollback file. In addition to the pre-update backup you are advised to make on your own, the updater attempts to make an additional backup of your database on the database server at C:\Program Files\ServiceLedger\ServiceLedger\rollback.bak before it updates your system. However, it is not always possible for the updater to create this file, and even if it does, it is overwritten as soon as you perform another update. If you must restore from a rollback, you must do so immediately after the failed update.

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