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(T0248) How do I prevent an invoice from being exported to Peachtree?

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This method applies to a single invoice with a known invoice #.  An example is provided below.

This example uses invoice #2491, which you may substitute with the invoice number of your choice. The character before update and at the very end is a double quote, the characters around the invoice number are single quotes.

If you are not using the database engine we provide, and instead using your own version of sql server, you must change sldemosl to your current sa password, as well as remove or modify the -S parameter depending on if you have an instance (most systems with their own SQL version will not, so you would remove it)

  1. Log into your server as an administrator
  2. Go to Start->Run and type (It is recommend you copy & paste this as it must be exact)
    osql -S .\ServiceLedger -U sa -P sldemosl -d ServiceLedger -Q "update invoice set link_1='exported' where invoice_number = '2491' "
  3. Click run or ok, you may see a flash, then it will be marked as exported

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