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(T0224) How do I control whether entry charges show as Invoice Charges or Job Costing?

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Depending on how you do business, you may wish to use the invoice charges automatically created by Tech Work Entries as either directly billable charges that your customer should see, or as hidden items used to track job costing only. The first situation is normal for time & materials work that is billed by the hour or even down to the minute, while the second is common for work that is performed for a flate rate or fixed bid, or in cases where you need direct control over the amount to be billed even if it is based roughly on the number of hours worked.

The first, default option is to always show the line items from entries directly, regardless of whether they contribute to the work order total. In this situation, entry items will automatically show under the Invoice Charges tab and, if appropriate, also under the Job Costing tab. This option applies when the company option work_order.tech_entry.hide_entry_items does not exist or is set to 0.

The second option is to hide the line items from entries, unless they contribute to the work order total, in which case they are visible. In this situation, entry items will automatically show under the Job Costing tab and, if appropriate, also under the Invoice Charges tab. You will generally complement entry invoice charges for job costing only with separate invoice charges using a different item for the actual billing under this setup. This option applies when the company option work_order.tech_entry.hide_entry_items is set to 1.

Regardless of which option you use, you can always change the visibility of a given line item from an entry by double-clicking the line item or entry to bring up the entry screen, switching to the small invoice charges tab on the entry window, double-clicking the line item there, and then adjusting the "Show on Work Order" and "Show on Invoice" checkboxes as necessary.

Please also see (U0020) How should I set up ServiceLedger for flat rate or fixed bid tasks? for more information on the best way to set up flate rate and fixed bid services via tasks. Also, please note that ServiceLedger offers training to explain the above situations and help you choose and set your database up for the methods that are most appropriate for your business.

Please do not use this global preference while 'work_order.entry.is_cost_only.default' is in use.

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