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ServiceLedger provides this content as-is for self help support purposes. ServiceLedger assumes no liability for any steps you take based on the directions in our knowledge base, and assumes that you have the knowledge to determine whether a given step is appropriate for your situation. Certain solutions can affect third-party software that ServiceLedger relies on or integrates with; it is your responsibility to consult with the documentation or publishers of such third-party software to understand whether any changes suggested here will have negative effects on other applications.

(T0042) Can ServiceLedger run on a VPN, directly from the internet, or from a home?

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In its default mode, ServiceLedger communicates with TCP/IP which are protocols native to the internet.  As such you have several options for setting up a remote office  or home:

  • Use a VPN such as Microsoft PPTP or IPSEC
  • Connect the remote ServiceLedger directly to your server across the internet
  • Provide a tunnel from the remote office to the SQL Server with a tool like SSH
  • Use a ServiceLedger provided tool to bridge the gap for the ServiceLedger application
  • Use ServiceLedger in a terminal server and provide access outside the LAN
  • Use ServiceLedger with VNC, Norton PCAnywhere, Timbuktu or other remote control software

These instructions rely heavily on your ability to configure your network and firewall to accommodate the necessary network traffic. You must have a high skill level with your network, firewall(s), and internet connectivity configuration. ServiceLedger can not support your network as it requires skilled technicians to be on-site throughout the set up process. Because of this requirement, these instructions are provided as-is with no guarantee or warranty.  Support can not answer questions about your network or otherwise help you configure it properly.

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