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(T0202) How do I disable failure notices for missing addresses when using ServiceLedger for e-mail notification?

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When ServiceLedger has been configured to send e-mail notifications, if it is unable to send a given notification because it has no e-mail address, it will automatically send a failure notice to your main company e-mail address indicating what could not be sent.

These failure notices can be a result of either (1) the customer, tech, sales rep, etc. that was supposed to be e-mailed having no e-mail address defined, or (2) the work order (or quote) having no technician or sales rep, if a notice was supposed to be sent to one.

For example, you might have e-mail notifications set up to go out to the account and technician every time a new work order is created. In the first case, you might receieve this message if the account you've created the work order had no e-mail address at the time the work order was created. In the second case, you might not have assigned a technician to the work order yet. Since an e-mail is supposed to be sent to the tech, but there is not yet a technician to send the e-mail to, the failure notice will appear. (A preferable setup might involve sending tech notices once a work order has been assigned, rather than when it is created.)


If these failure notices are not desired, it is possible to turn them off for each of the different kinds of recipient. These are controlled by the following three options:

  • - Account E-mails
  • - Technician E-mails
  • - Sales Rep E-mails

For each of these options, if the option is missing or set to 1, failure notices will be sent when an e-mail cannot be sent to the noted type of recipient. If the option is set to 0, failure notices will not be sent for that type.

For more information on how to find, add, and change company options, please see:
(T0018) How do I change a company option / global preference?

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