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(T0197) How do I convert quote time entries to work orders using client_quote.convert.entries_to_1st_ticket?

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Note: This feature requires ServiceLedger or later.

It is possible to enter time entries on either a quote or a work order. While work order time entries can be set to create invoice charges to keep accurate job costing on the work order, quote entries are not able to do the same; they can only be viewed on the quote and in time entry reports, and are not currently capable of tracking their cost directly in invoice charges.

ServiceLedger is reviewing the above situation and will in a future release provide a consistent answer to the question of how to track non-billable costs associated with a customer but not with a work order.

In the meantime, although ServiceLedger does not recommend it, it is possible to convert quote entries into work order entries when converting a quote. This allows the entries to have job costing created from within the work order structure, as with normal time entries.


To take advantage of this feature, you will need to set the value of the following company option to 1:

You may need to add this option if it does not appear in the list. For instructions on changing or adding company options, please see:
(T0018) How do I change a company option / global preference?

Once this option has been enabled, whenever you convert quote items/groups to a new work order, the quote will also convert all time entries on the quote to that same work order. If you are creating several work orders, all entries will appear on the first work order.

Since quote entries are assumed to be non-billable, the entries will NOT have the usual invoice charges created automatically. If you wish to create invoice charges from these entries for job costing purposes, you will need to open work order, the entries, and then for each one: (1) open the entry, (2) specify the desired rate and price/cost for the time, (3) click OK, and (4) click 'Yes' to create the associated invoice charge. In some database setups, the fourth step will happen automatically.

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