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[D](T0166) How do I set up equipment to be able to change accounts?

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In some circumstances, it makes sense to be able to change ownership on a piece of equipment from one account to another. For instance, a piece of equipment, after failing, might be purchased from a customer, in which case the account might revert to your own company, and then after service be resold to another customer, in which case the account would change again to the new customer.

ServiceLedger does not by default support the ability to change the account on a piece of equipment, but can be configured to do so using the 'equipment.change_client' option. This option may need to be added rather than simply changed, but in either case its value should be set to '1' to allow changes. Information on changing global options can be found at (T0018) How do I change a global option?

When equipment changes accounts, all new work orders for the equipment will default to the new account, but the history of work orders remains with any old accounts that previously owned the equipment.

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