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(T0147) I encounter strange errors when trying to e-mail a work order or invoice

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On certain computers, the Crystal Reports viewer supplied with ServiceLedger will be unable to export PDF versions of reports to your MAPI e-mail client. ServiceLedger may show errors such as 'EAccessViolation', 'Abstract Error', and 'Abnormal Program Termination'. In some cases, the e-mail will be sent successfully, while in others, no e-mail will be sent.

While this problem exists within the report viewer, ServiceLedger may not be stable after encountering such errors and should be shut down if it is not automatically closed. We are working with BusinessObjects to resolve this issue, but for stability reasons, any resolution will only be available in future versions of ServiceLedger. In the meantime, we have provided the following workaround for this issue. Alternatively, you can often avoid this problem by simply using a different computer.

On affected computers, if it is necessary to e-mail a PDF to the customer, you can use the following process instead of directly e-mailing the work order or invoice:

  1. Instead of clicking the e-mail button, click on the 'Print' button
  2. When the report appears, click on the 'Export' button in the report window
  3. Choose a Format of 'Acrobat PDF' and a Destination of 'Disk File'
  4. Specify the page range and choose a location to export the file to, such as your desktop
  5. After the export is complete, compose the e-mail manually using your usual e-mail client and attach the exported PDF.

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