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(T0145) ServiceLedger keeps telling me that new files are available, even though I click Yes to update, or the updater seems to be stuck in a loop.

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It is normal for ServiceLedger to notify you on each of your computers that new files are available (Updated files are available) after you have performed an update. However, in certain situations, this notice will continue to appear even after you've clicked 'Yes' to get the latest files from your server.

On a workstation, this usually means the database server and the computer that continues to show the prompt have their times set differently. If this is the case, you can solve the problem by setting the two computers to the same time, or making sure that the server has a later time than all workstations.

If ServiceLedger keeps asking to update on your server, especially if you are using the portal, there could be a date and time format conflict--ServiceLedger currently requires that ALL users on a given computer, including (in the tech portal's case) the one that runs the automation service, use the same date and time format. It is not necessary for each individual computer to have the same format--just all users on a given computer to have the same. Date and time formats can be changed in the Regional and Language Options control panel item in the Windows control panel.

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