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(T0122) Setting Up and Using Mappoint

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ServiceLedger has a basic integration with MS MapPoint that allows you to print maps and driving instructions from one job to the next for each day and each tech.  If you are interested in integrating with MS MapPoint you will need to install MapPoint on each computer that will need mapping integration and then set the following option in your Global PreferencesGlobal Preferences can be found by clicking on Administration | Administration and clicking on both the ALT and F8 keys simultaneously to open the Global Preferences tab.

  • company.use_mappoint - set value to 1
  • you will need to save and close and restart ServiceLedger for changes to take affect.

With MS MapPoint running, click on Administration | Administration and click on the Misc. tab to update maps.  Click on Update Account Maps and Update Work Order Maps to update existing accounts and work orders of the map. 

If you have a custom work order, you can have the map print on the work order.  Please consult ServiceLedger Services for a quote on customizing your work order to print and view the map on the work order.

Additionally, from the Schedule, you can print the Daily Route Info for each tech and reorder their jobs according to MapPoint's best projected route for the tech. These options are available under the Print button and by right-clicking on a technician. In some versions of ServiceLedger, the right-click options are only available from the Dispatch Board

In older versions, this information is available from the Outlook Window, from which you can print the Daily Route Information that will take the jobs and print driving instructions between each job.  You can access the Outlook Window by clicking on Service | Outlook and clicking on Print Other and Daily Route Information.

ServiceLedger does not support, nor guarantees that the routing information will be accurate as it is pulled directly from MS MapPoint.  If you should require any assistance or training on MapPoint, contact ServiceLedger Services to schedule a custom training class.

In addition to the above, ServiceLedger also provides a MapPoint Link add-on module which allows you to interact with your scheduled jobs directly in MapPoint. Please contact our sales team for information about this link, its capabilities, and the cost of implementing it.

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