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(T0106) How do I resolve 'MAPI could not send your message, return code was 2' when sending e-mail?

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This error occurs when attempting to send e-mail with Microsoft Outlook 2003, or after upgrading to Microsoft Office 2003.

Prior to this version, Microsoft Outlook processed MAPI requests using a unique method that required the creation of a separate e-mail configuration option, 'MAPI with Microsoft Outlook'. Starting with Microsoft Outlook 2003, MAPI requests are processed using the same method as most other MAPI programs. If you are encountering this error, please use the 'MAPI with other mail clients' option.

Click on Administration | Preferences and then click on the Email Setup tab.  On option Send Email Using, select "MAPI with other mail clients" as the option and click Save & Close.  

Another possible issue may be solved by:

  1. Open a work order
  2. Click print (not email)
  3. Click Export on the report window
  4. Select PDF, select MAPI as the destination
  5. Click OK
  6. Enter in a valid email address, subject, and message
  7. Click Send, allow access to Outlook if asked.

This creates some necessary registry entries on a limited number of installations.  From that point on, the system behaves as expected.

Ensure the email addresses you are sending to conform to standard email format, such as  Email addresses are entered on Account, Technician, Sub-contractor, etc. records.

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