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ServiceLedger provides this content as-is for self help support purposes. ServiceLedger assumes no liability for any steps you take based on the directions in our knowledge base, and assumes that you have the knowledge to determine whether a given step is appropriate for your situation. Certain solutions can affect third-party software that ServiceLedger relies on or integrates with; it is your responsibility to consult with the documentation or publishers of such third-party software to understand whether any changes suggested here will have negative effects on other applications.

[D](T0098) How do I get installation assistance?

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  ServiceLedger wants to ensure that your software is installed properly.  ServiceLedger provides installation assistance for 1/2 hour every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of the business week excluding holidays at 10:00am Central Standard Time until 10:30am Central Standard time.  To qualify for installation assistance, you must have the software downloaded, and have made an attempt to install the software yourself.  If this attempt fails, then following this document will have you up and running quickly.  The intention of this service is to ensure a better user experience for installation of the software.

  This service is not intended to replace the need for telephone support agreements.  If you do not have a telephone support agreement, please take a look at for more information on value-priced premium support plans.  Then contact ServiceLedger sales at (940) 497-2834 for purchase.

  Installation assistance is provided to prospects & clients for free during this 1/2 hour period.  It is billed at standard rates outside of this time frame.  If installation cannot be completed in this time frame, you must re-connect in the next available window to continue.

  ServiceLedger uses a program called VNC to provide connectivity for remote control that is necessary to perform remote installations.  VNC is a third party product that is downloaded and installed separately.

  Installation Assistance is strictly for generic (cookie-cutter) installation of the product.  It does not cover configuration of QuickBooks, replication, upgrades, imports, etc.  However, there are a few items the installer will need to know in order to accomplish installation. These questions are detailed below. 

  If you intend to install the server software on Windows 2003 Server or Windows Terminal Server (any edition), you must contact to receive additional files you must download.  If you use a software firewall such as Zone Alarm, Norton Internet Security Firewall, or any other software firewall (not including XP SP2 which works perfectly) you must disable it before originating the connection for installation.  For legal reasons, ServiceLedger will not disable it for you. 

To begin installation assistance between 10:00 am - 10:30 am Central Standard Time:

1)      Perform any backups, verifications, or restore points as you require.  ServiceLedger will install the ServiceLedger product if you connect via these instructions and provide us the information to perform the install.  Should you need to restore your machine to a point before the installation, ServiceLedger cannot help you as you are solely responsible for your machine.  If you cannot agree to this, then do not connect using these instructions.

2)      Ensure you are logged in as the Local Administrator.  If you are logged in as just a user or domain user, installation will fail.

3)      Ensure the file you have downloaded from ServiceLedger is located on the desktop.  If it is not there, the installer will not be able to install the product and will disconnect the session.  That file is usually

4)      Ensure that you are connected to the internet.

5)      Please download, print, and follow the instructions found at: using channel 5 as listed in the instructions.

6)      After connecting, please go to Start->Run and type notepad and click run or ok.

7)      Type in “Installation Assistance” on the first line

8)      Type in the name of your company on the second line (if you have purchased the software, and are performing the first installation in your company, make sure you type in the company name exactly as you wish it to appear on your printed work orders)

9)      Type in your name on the third line

10)  Followed by your email address on the fourth line (this will be used to send notes if necessary)

11)  On the next line enter in Server or Workstation corresponding to the installation needed.  Single users are “Server”, network users should have 1 “Server” and 1 or more “Workstation” entries.

12)  If you enter Workstation, also note the Network name of the server on the same line.  You can run hostname on the server to determine this.  ServiceLedger can not determine what you named your server, this information must be provided.

13)  If you have purchased the software and need an empty database place “empty” on the 5th line.  Otherwise put “demo”

14)  Enter any additional notes afterward.


Here are some examples:

(This example  is typical of software evaluation)

Installation Assistance

My Company

My Name




(This example is typical of an initial installation after purchase of the software for a single user or server installation in a multi-user environment)

Installation Assistance

My Company LLC (Note the name must be exactly as you want on your work order)

My Name




(This example is typical of an initial installation after purchase of the software for a work station in a multi-user environment)

Installation Assistance

My Company

My Name

Workstation NTSERVER1 (note the server name was provided)



  This information is necessary as the installer may be performing dozens of installations simultaneously and the only way to distinguish what to do is to see this information completely.  The installer will set aside the connection until this information is provided.  The installer may leave notes in the same workspace you entered your notes.  The installer may disconnect long running installations after 11:00 am Central Standard Time, and may have to pick up where they left off on the next available day.  After disconnection, it is recommended that you save the contents of the notepad and always load it back if you should ever need to re-connect.  If installation was successful (the note will be typed into notepad), you should re-boot the affected computer before running reports within the application.  You can tell if ServiceLedger is connected to you by looking at the VNC icon in the system tray.  If it is mostly white, then you are not connected.  If it is mostly black, then you are connected.  During the connection, avoid interacting with your mouse and keyboard, unless prompted by questions inside of notepad. 

  ServiceLedger cannot guarantee that all installs will be completed in the allotted time.  If the install exceeds the window, you must save the contents of the notepad and re-load it before connecting in the next available slot.  ServiceLedger cannot guarantee or extend the time frame should internet connection problems occur either within or without ServiceLedger.

  All questions regarding this free service must be directed by email to  As the installer will be performing dozens of installations simultaneously, telephone support is not available for this service.

  Service availability, times, terms & conditions are subject to change without notice.

  More information on SOFTWARE firewalls is necessary for those users that employ them.  This information is usually of little consequence to networks protected by hardware firewalls.  The installer will not make these changes for you, as you must read the relevant documentation for your firewall and adjust it as necessary.

Details of network connectivity needed by ServiceLedger:

sqlserver.exe listening on TCP ports 1433, 1434

ServiceLedger.exe listening on TCP & UDP ports 60901

If you have Windows XP and are applying SP2, please read the readiness document at:

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