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[D](T0088) How Do I use the Default Customer Import Map in ServiceLedger?

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For users wishing to import their customers in a one shot or repeatable fashion, a customer import map is now available for the most common fields available for ServiceLedger. To use, you must create a file (in Excel or other capable program) with the following headers for your columns:

AcctNumber (Required - if you can't find one, then use AcctName)
AcctName (Required - Name of account)
ContactName (Required - use N/A if you do not have)
Address1 (Required - use N/A if you do not have)
Address2 (Not required)
City (Required - use N/A if you do not have)
State (Required - use N/A if you do not have)
Postal (Required - use N/A if you do not have)
Phone1 (Not Required)
Phone2 (Not Required)
Fax (Not Required)
Website (Not Required)
Email (Not Required)

To use the map:
(You may wish to look at or back up the sample file at: C:\Program Files\ServiceLedger\ServiceLedger\SLCustomerImport.csv)

1) Save your file in CSV format from File->SaveAs to:
C:\Program Files\ServiceLedger\ServiceLedger\SLCustomerImport.csv
2) In ServiceLedger go to File->Import/Export->SAF Import/Export
3) Click Load Map
4) Locate and open the file C:\Program Files\ServiceLedger\ServiceLedger\SLCustomerImport.smp (not the .CSV file)

5) Click on the Import Results tab
6) Click on Create SAF
7) Select 0 for all records or 1-n for just testing a small number of records
8) Click Process Results
9) You will receive a message when the import is complete.

If you have trouble:
Ensure your file looks like (Expand browser to full screen):

Line #1 (Should match exactly): AcctNumber,AcctName,ContactName,Address1,Address2,City,State,Postal,Phone1,Phone2,Fax,Website,Email

Line #2-n (Every field should be in "s and separated by a , your values of course are different):
"1001","SLImport Test","Test Contact","1234 Test Lane","POB 1234","Lake Dallas","TX","75065","940-497-2834","940-497-2836","940-497-2837","",""

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