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(T0031) How do I create a custom list view?

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Creating a custom list view enables you to portray data in a way more suitable to your needs. The built-in list views are the averages of what users have asked for while maintaining performance. From time to time, we extend the list views with new columns. Creating a list view involves copying the list view option you want and saving it to a .opt file. You must then modify the list view to meet your needs. ServiceLedger provides low-priced services for this, but has included documentation to achieve this on your own. The document assumes that the person modifying the list view is very technical, has a solid understanding of SQL, and familiarity with the table structure of ServiceLedger. Information on the schema can be found at  for report writers. Information on list view modification can be found at

ServiceLedger support provides no support for custom list views. If you need assistance creating or operating your custom list view, it will require a developer outside the scope of standard maintenance and telephone support plans.

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