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[D](T0056) How do I change my sa password?

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ServiceLedger provides a default sa password of sldemosl.  It is suggested that if your server is connected directly to the internet without a firewall, or if you have ports forwarded to your server that you alter the password.  You should choose a secure password.  Serviceledger advises that:

  • You do not use any word by itself that appears in the dictionary
  • You mix upper and lower case
  • You do not use spaces or control characters
  • You mix letters and numbers

Once you have selected your password:

  • Log into your server as the Administrator
  • Go to Start->Run and type OSQL -E (case matters, so type it exactly)
  • When you receive the 1> prompt type sp_password 'sldemosl', 'newpassword', 'sa' (they are all single quotes) and press enter
  • When you receive the 2> prompt type go and press enter
  • You will receive a message stating that the password was changed
  • Now for each workstation that connects to this server you must update HKLM\Software\ServiceLedger\ServiceLedger\3.0\DBPassword to the new value.  That process is covered at:

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