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(T0026) How do I Install VNC for remote control sessions?

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VNC Connections

ServiceLedger uses VNC for all support issues that require remote support.  VNC Connections are performed Monday through Friday at either 10:00 A.M.Central Standard Time or 2:00 P.M. Central Standard Time by invitation.  It is strongly recommended that you connect no later than fifteen minutes after the start time to ensure that we are able to address your issue during that particular VNC window.  In the event of heavy demand during any particular VNC window, ServiceLedger reserves the right to priortize support issues and postpone any VNC connection that is deemed low priority in nature.    

In most cases, a support representative may be juggling multiple VNC connections during this time and will not be available by phone.  All communication is performed online via the VNC connection. 

It is required that you advise us in advance if you will be connecting and receive a Case # from support.

Windows Vista Users:  Due to miscellaneous security mechanisms in Windows Vista, VNC is unlikely to allow a connection to ServiceLedger for any useable length of time unless you temporarily turn off User Account Control.  If turning this feature off is not an option for you, you may need to provide screenshots to describe your purpose instead of installing VNC.  Instructions on turning off User Account Control is included at the bottom of this article.

Connection Times:  ServiceLedger staffs VNC at various times of the day when a connection is expected, and if your connection was not known of at the time you connected, you should try again at 10AM or 2PM CST and ensure you have scheduled it with

Download & Install VNC:

With increasing security & operability concerns around the use of NetMeeting, ServiceLedger now uses a product called VNC for connecting to and assisting customers with various operations of ServiceLedger software.  These connections are intended for telephone support plans and in situations where no other option exists. Most items are handled through the use of FAQs and documentation.  However should it be necessary to connect directly to your computer, these instructions will assist you in preparing for the connection.


In order to use VNC, you must download and install the software.  Once installed, you can enable the program to allow remote control.  Please note that VNC is not a product of ServiceLedger, it has its own group developing and supporting the product.  Should you find VNC useful, we suggest you contribute to their cause as listed in their web site at .

If you already have VNC installed on the target machine, verify that it is the free edition rather than the enterprise edition. Unfortunately, we cannot connect to machines with Enterprise Edition installed.

To Download, Install & Configure VNC:

1)  Download VNC from

2)  Locate the file you have downloaded

3)  IF you receive this window, please click “Run”

4)  Click “Next”

5)  Please review the enclosed license agreement

6)  Click “I Accept the Agreement” if you approve.  If you do not approve, you can not continue with these instructions

7)  Click “Next”

8)  Use the default Directory for installation

9)  Use “Full Installation” and click “Next”

10)  Use “RealVNC” for the shortcut folder and click “Next”

11)  Click “Next” on the Additional Tasks options window

12)  Click “Install” on the “Ready to Install” window

13)  You should see a window that looks like:

14)  Click “Set Password”

15)  Enter in a password of your choosing into both fields:

16)  Click “OK”

17)  Select “Prompt local user to accept incoming connections”

18)  Click “OK” for the VNC Server Properties

19)  Click “Next” for the original Setup window

20)  Click “Finish” to close”


To initiate a call to ServiceLedger:

  1. Verify you are connecting at your scheduled time.  Please contact to schedule a connection.  All times are provided in Central Standard Time.
  2. Locate the VNC icon in your System Tray
  3. Right click this icon
  4. Select “Add New Client”
  5. Enter (with no spaces).  If you were provided a channel number, enter it as<channel number> where <channel number> is your provided number.
  6. Click “OK”, The VNC icon will turn dark if the connection is received properly.

PLEASE NOTE that it is not generally necessary to configure your firewall to allow VNC connections to our support machines. This will be necessary only if your firewall blocks outgoing communications as well as incoming. If this is the case, please configure your firewall to allow outbound communications on ports 5900-5999.


VISTA USERS, User Account Control and to disable User Account Control temporarily before connecting:

  1. Go to Start -> Control Panel
  2. Double click on User Accounts
  3. Click on Turn User Account Control On or Off
  4. Uncheck the Use User Account Control (UAC) to help... 
  5. Click OK
  6. Reboot

To renable, perform the same steps, but ensure you check the UAC box in step 4.

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