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(T0021) How do I remove unneeded files to save disk space?

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ServiceLedger recommends backing up your ServiceLedger database frequently. This process can use extensive amounts of free space on your hard drive. These instructions help you understand what you may safely delete.

  1. Ensure you are logged into the server as a member of the local administrators group.
  2. Double click My Computer icon on your desktop
  3. Locate and right click your C: drive (installations may vary this but it is usually the case)
  4. Select Search... or Find...
  5. Enter *.bak into the file name: field
  6. Click Search
  7. When complete, look at the results available, and examine the names of the format yyyymmdd_hhmmsscc where:
    • yyyy is the year of the backup
    • mm is the month
    • dd is the day
    • hh is the hour
    • mm is the minute
    • ss is the second
    • cc is the hundredths of a second
  8. Determine which you would like to keep (be aware that files that do not have the previous time stamp may not be ServiceLedger backup files - bak is a common extension), and which you would like to delete based on the dates.
  9. Select the files you wish to delete, and press the del(ete) key. Files called "rollback.bak" are usually ServiceLedger files if they appear in the ServiceLedger directory. This file can grow to be very large as the updater is used and will free up this space if you elect to delete it.
  10. You may need to empty the trash can on the desktop to realize the space savings.

Note, later versions of ServiceLedger automatically create backup files, up to 7 of them.  See the following link for more information:

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