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(Internal) Email notifications understanding "When a new job is created" vs. "When status changes to Assigned"

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Generally speaking, we cannot troubleshoot email notifications other than to provide an explanation of why a given email did not go out. Designing correct rules is something the customer must do on their own or get assistance from a consultant or trainer. Once we have determined why an e-mail didn't go out, assuming there was no error, we have to repond with something like: "This feature is working as designed. If it's not meeting your needs, we do offer consulting services to help you find different ways to use the software to accomplish different goals.".

However, there is one thing we often run into on support about the "When status changes to Assigned" notification that we can discuss without sending people to consulting. If you get into this, please let the customer know right off that consulting may be required, but that you have this one internal KB article which might apply to their situation--that way if it doesn't work out for them, you've already set the expectation and they will likely not be frustrated if it doesn't solve their problem.

That situation is this: it is very common for people who try to use the "Assigned" status to run into this issue (where the email does not go out, because the job did not _change_ to the Assigned status from some other status; it was immediately assigned).

Usually, instead it's best to set up both the "When status changes to Assigned" and the "When a new job is created" notifications to send an email to the assigned technician. This setup will catch both new and new-ish jobs regardless of how quickly they are assigned. How it works is as follows:
- If the job triggers the "new job is created" status change and an e-mail would be sent to the tech but a tech hasn't been assigned yet, no email will go out, but its status as a "New" job will be recorded. Then, when a tech is later assigned, the status will change and the "status changes to Assigned" e-mail will go out.
- Conversely, if the job triggers the "new job is created" status change and already has a tech, that e-mail will go out, and the "status changes to Assigned" e-mail will not (since it was immediately in the Assigned status and did not change to assigned).
- In this way, there are no duplicates generated, even though both rules are in effect.

If the customer tries this setup and it works for them, great! If they'r concerned about it, or if they try it and still don't get what they want, there's always consulting. But this suggestion is the end of the road as far as support on the feature via their maintenance plan.

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