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(Internal) Leap Year Warranty Fix

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During leap years, the number of days on the default warranty for items sold (365) calculates to one day earlier during the following year instead of the same date on the next year.

If a customer needs to change this and maintains support, we can offer to set all of their items that have a 365 day warranty to have a 366 day warranty for the duration of the leap year, and then (assuming they still have support) set it back to 365 days when the next year rolls around.

!!! Back up the database before running any SQL modifications !!!

SQL to update 365 day warranties to 366 days:

update item set warranty = 366 where warranty = 365

SQL to update 366 day warranties to 365 days:

update item set warranty = 365 where warranty = 366

If a customer has 2 or 3 year warranties and you want to do the math and they have support, you can adjust the SQL accordingly for those as well. If you have to get a developer involved, it will be billable services.

Note that these changes only affect newly added line items moving forward. To fix line items that were already entered, just adjust the warranty expiration date manually.

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