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(Internal) Windows 8.1 Report Viewer Setup

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For Windows 8.1, there is a new viewer that has to be updated for users to email and print pdfs.  Here are the simple instructions on how to get this to work.

  1. On the server (Other users do not have to logout if only using the update code), run the update "sl2013-report-beta"
  2. On the users computer, download the latest 32bit (even on 64 bit machines) stable release from the SAP website - (Currently Support Pack 10.)  If there are many 8.1 machines, put this file on a network drive for easy access.
  3. Determine if the majority of the environment is 8.1 computers or not.
    1. If they are, you will want to change the global preferences for the settings below.
    2. If they aren't, you will want to create the opt files for that specific user on their computer.
  4. Set option 'company.external_report_viewer.enable' to '1'
  5. Set option '' option to 'ServiceLedger.Report.exe'
  6. Test by opening an invoice and emailing it (you don't need to actually send it), the invoice should appear in an external viewer.

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