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(U0009) How is ServiceLedger support handled?

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ServiceLedger utilizes the most efficient solution to any support issue.  ServiceLedger has a "soft" licensing model where a single user can actually be more than one person on one machine, as long as they are at different times.  Because a user license can be stretched this way, we attempt to minimize the questions that can be asked of multiple people on a user license.  We provide a knowledge base, and documentation for the software.  ServiceLedger support will search these documents first while answering any support request.  If the material needed to solve the issue is found, the user will be emailed the results.  All users with a current maintenance plan are entitled to the KnowledgeBase and email support (  Only users with telephone support plans may contact telephone support (940-497-2834).  We ask all users to read the relevant documentation of the software and to search the knowledge base before contacting support by telephone or email.   

Support has a well defined set of priorities:

  • Providing high quality support for production down scenarios.  Production down means that a technician cannot be dispatched and is awaiting the ServiceLedger system in order to continue any work.  This is usually because of a hardware failure and you need assistance from support to have a new server set up for the system quickly.
  • Implement the fastest & most efficient solution to a problem.  This usually means accepting the question by email or telephone (determined by the support plan), gathering all needed information, researching the question offline, gathering more information if necessary by email or phone (again, determined on the support plan) and providing the answer in writing.  The answer must be provided in writing (email or fax usually - you can specify which) to ensure the quality of the KnowledgeBase and to provide proof of the research.
  • Ensure that support plans are enforced.  If you do not have a telephone support plan, you will be notified that you need to acquire the relevant plan, or pre-pay a per incident charge.  You will be forwarded to sales to provide the needed credit card authorization.
  • Provide installation assistance to prospects and existing customers alike.
  • Maintain the documentation and knowledgebase.
  • Ensure that users are properly licensed.  If ServiceLedger support determines that an action is intended to thwart the licensing policy (ServiceLedger or a 3rd party), support may refuse the service.
  • Report all submitted writings to development for review.

Support cannot provide assistance for

  • Telephone support for users without a telephone support plan
  • Consultation.  Consultation requires business experience that not all support representatives have.  Their experience is technical in nature.  ServiceLedger provides business analysis services for this.
  • Extended engagements, support will email instructions when an engagement is excessive
  • Training.  Training is provided at scheduled times throughout the week to multiple users at a time to maximize use of the trainer's time.
  • Networking problems.  If your network is deemed to be problematic, support will provide details of the analysis to you, but is not in a position to alter or otherwise correct your network.
  • 3rd party products.  If a link is provided for an external product, the link will be supported, but not the external product itself.


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