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(C0001) How long has ServiceLedger been in business?

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ServiceLedger started as Miltech Software in 1992.  Miltech Software was founded by Scott & Charles Millsap.  Miltech provided custom software to companies such as PrimeStar (now Directv), Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, & GE.  Additionally some work was performed on behalf of the father of the two brothers for his alarm company. The product was called ServiceLedger 1.0 and was in production in 1998 as a service management, recurring billing, and scheduling for the alarm company.

As Y2K approached, Miltech Software shifted its focus from near 100% custom software to the ServiceLedger product.  ServiceLedger 2.0 coincided with Y2K and the decision was made to rename the company after what would become its flagship product. Since then, ServiceLedger has grown to provide solutions in service management and several related fields in domestic and foreign markets.

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