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  1. [D]Unposting Invoices and/or Credit Memos
    ServiceLedger 2009 or higher allows you to unpost invoices and/or credit memos to make any modificat...
  2. [D](T0128) Batch Work Order Invoicing
    ServiceLedger Batch Work Order Invoicing allows you to consolidate multiple work orders into a singl...
  3. [D]Converting a Quote to a Work Order, Invoice or Service Agreement
    ServiceLedger doesn't do anything with a quote until you convert it to either a work order, invoice ...
  4. Setting Up Resource Email (For Work Order and Email Notification)
    ServiceLedger provides email notification of work orders to resources if the resource has an email a...
  5. Using Global/Item Discounts/Markups on Quotes, Work Orders & Invoices
    ServiceLedger 9.5 provided a new function thatt allows you to apply discounts or markups on quotes, ...
  6. [D]Invoicing/Receivables - How to setup and use third-party (3rd party) billing
    ServiceLedger offers third-party billing in ServiceLedger 2009 or higher.  If you are on this v...
  7. Setting Sales Stages and Probability on Quotes
    ServiceLedger tracks different sales stages of your quotes for forecasting purposes.  This func...
  8. [D]Generating Finance Charges in ServiceLedger
    ServiceLedger introduced a new function that allows you to generate finance charges on open invoices...
  9. [D]Understanding Resource Defaults
    ServiceLedger provides resource defaults that speeds data entry by having default values for your re...
  10. Using the ServiceLedger Collections Manager
    The ServiceLedger Collections Manager is an easy way to manage your receivables inside of ServiceLed...
  11. [D]Marking an Invoice, Payment, Credit Memo or Vendor Bill as Exported (so it will not export to QuickBooks or Peachtree)
    This functionaltiy only applies to ServiceLedger 2009 or higher.  If you have created an invoic...
  12. [D]Unposting Payments
    ServiceLedger 2009 or higher allows you to unpost payments to make any modifications to the payment....

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