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(T0154) Report stalls with "Please wait, your report is loading...."

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If this only occurs with the work order report:

Please ensure that global option work_order.prompt.print_prices is set to 0, as the report you are using does not support the parameter necessary for the option.

See the following Knowledge Base Article on changing a global option:

If this occurs for all reports:

This may be followed a few minutes later by logon failure message. Administrators may be unaffected, where non-administrative users may. This has been observed on Windows Terminal Server.

This is most likely caused by a form of permission problem. You can validate this through odbcad32.exe, and on the System DSN tab verifying that you can successfully test the connection. Please see for more information.

To resolve:

See the following Knowledge Base Article for information on using SLDBConf.exe to automatically configure ODBC settings:

  1. (T0218) Using SLDBConf.exe to Configure ODBC
  2. Restart the application and test your report

For more information if your tests were unsuccessful, please see:

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