ServiceLedger Support

Welcome to the ServiceLedger Support Page.

ServiceLedger is committed to providing high-quality and affordable technical and product support for our customers. We provide support for through the following methods:

A support plan is required for all telephone or remote support, which can greatly assist in the timely resolution of support issues. You can select from any of the following support options to determine the one that is best for your needs.

Support Plans

Support is included with any ServiceLedger purchase or upgrade. For information about upgrading to the latest version of ServiceLedger, which provides both the benefits of an active support plan and access to the latest version of our software, please contact our sales team for more information.

ServiceLedger no longer recommends stand-alone support plans, as we are are able to provide more effective support on the current maintenance version. If you have an older or customized version of ServiceLedger, or if you need support but do not wish to change versions, please contact our sales team to discuss support pricing.

For critical issues that require immediate assistance, we offer temporary per-incident assistance at the rate below. This up-front fee can be rolled into your purchase of a regular maintenance or support contract if one is purchased within the incident support period.

Per-Incident Support: Provides support for a single issue, such as a server failure or database integrity issue, for a period of up to 30 days maximum*. Per-incident support covers only a single, stated issue during the support period and does not cover general questions and answers about or warranty work on the software.   $395.00 USD

* It is extremely rare for any single issue to take more than a few days to resolve. Nevertheless, for recurring issues, the per-incident support rate is designed to cover no more than a 30 day span. If it is not possible to resolve the issue within 30 days, either a regular support plan or an additional per-incident plan is required for each additional 30 days required to resolve the issue. IN this case, the entire price of the per-incident support plan can be credited and applied towards a regular support or maintenance plan renewal.

ServiceLedger Support uses PayPal to process payments securely. No PayPal account is required.

Support Plan Terms & Conditions

Support plans are limited to technical and product support only, and cannot be used for advanced services such as one-on-one training or consulting, data imports, product customization, or custom reports. ServiceLedger is only able to support products developed by ServiceLedger and cannot support third-party hardware or software regardless in how they are used in conjunction with ServiceLedger. ServiceLedger reserves the right to resolve any support issue in the most efficient manner possible including the use of documentation, FAQs, KnowledgeBase Articles, training videos or other written documentation and/or instructions. ServiceLedger reserves the right to limit support to one hour a day or two hours a week in the event of abuse.

More information on our support policy is available at the following address:

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is available to all customers free of charge and contains frequently asked questions and common solutions to a variety of problems. Information is updated as needed.

Fixed Fee Support

ServiceLedger provides fixed fee support and services for some items which can be performed without a support plan or are not directly covered under a support plan. Please see our Fixed Services for a complete list and more information.

Database/Server Assistance

Note that a short term support plan may be a better option than a la carte services in cases where more than one of the following services is required.

Re-Registration (New Company Name): Re-registration of your company license under a new company name. $100.00 USD

ServiceLedger Server or Database Move: Move the ServiceLedger installation and database from one server to a new server. $250.00 USD

Acounting Link Reconnect: Reconnect your QuickBooks Link or Peachtree Link to a new QB or PT database. $100.00 USD

Database Assistance: Empty, Backup, or Restore a Serviceledger database. $150.00 USD

List Customization Assistance: Adjust, add, or remove columns to any standard recold list in ServiceLedger. $75.00 USD per list